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Calling All Artists:
ATH Magazine Issue 6

Applications Open // February 13, 2024
Deadline to Apply // March 13, 2024 BY 12 AM EST
Fee // $35

Are you an emerging artist looking for a platform
to showcase your work to the world?

Arts To Hearts Project offers an incredible opportunity for emerging women artists worldwide.

Arts To Hearts Magazine
Issue 6

We’re absolutely over the moon to share with you all that we’re now inviting art submissions for the sixth edition of ATH Magazine! We’re on the lookout for truly unique and exciting artwork that dares to question the norm and sparks interesting conversations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a well-known artist or someone who’s just beginning to discover the wonders of creative expression—we warmly welcome all of you to send in your pieces.

This is more than just an opportunity to see your work printed in a magazine. This is your chance to join a supportive and ever-growing community of people who truly value and promote the power that art holds. It’s about making connections, inspiring others, and pushing boundaries.

So, let your creative juices flow freely. Whether it’s a painting, a sculpture, a photograph, or any other form of visual art, we want to see it. We want to delve into the depths of your creativity and share it with the world. So don’t hold back—show us what you’ve been creating. We’re eagerly waiting to be blown away by your unique creative visions!

Remember, every piece you create is a part of you, a part of your journey. It’s evidence of your thoughts, your experiences, your hopes, and your dreams. By sharing your work, you’re sharing a part of yourself with the world. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

So, gather up your courage, pick up your tools, and create like never before. We can’t wait to see what incredible pieces you’ll bring to life. Let’s make this edition of ATH Magazine the most vibrant and diverse one yet. Happy creating, everyone!

Liza Zhurkovskaya – Art Curator & Art Advisor

Liza Zhurkovskaya, aka Curator on the Go, is a Toronto-based Art Curator & Art Advisor. For more than nine years, Liza worked directly with artists helping them make a living through their creative work.

In 2020, Liza founded Kefi Art Gallery to support her artists and better assist her corporate and private clients with acquiring original art and curating their collections. Liza is known as a community leader who has brought hundreds of artworks to the public eye. Her goal is to celebrate diversity, creativity, and the power of visual storytelling through thought-provoking and divergent exhibitions and art activations.

Liza is passionate about helping people make a living through their creative work. She has been working directly with artists since 2015, and has helped them thrive in the industry through media opportunities, exhibitions, and business advice. She focuses on the business side of the industry, something that is not often discussed in art school, and that many independent artists do not focus on enough. Liza’s goal is to erase the trope of the “starving artist”, and help artists set goals, find their voice, brand, and niche, and understand how to sell and price their artworks and services to collectors.

Liza is known as a community leader and her goal is to support artists and contribute to the Toronto arts and culture with thought-provoking and divergent exhibitions and art activations. Liza also produces Curator on the Go Podcast as a platform for artists, art professionals, and other creatives to share their stories and learn from each other. 

We’re thrilled to announce our latest theme – “Women: Inside and Outside”. It’s all about exploring the diverse dimensions of being a woman through the lens of art.

We want you to explore what it means to be a woman from your perspective. How do you perceive their strength, their charm, their stories? What does womanhood mean to you? How do you see it reflected in the world around you, and how would you like to represent that through your artwork?

Whether it’s through the vibrant hues of a painting, the intricate details of a sculpture, or the delicate touch of a pottery piece, we want to see how you capture the essence of women—both from within and without.

This is an opportunity to showcase not just your creative skills, but also your ability to observe, understand, and portray one of the most pivotal aspects of human existence—the existence of women. Your artwork could be the voice for those untold stories, those unexpressed emotions, and those unseen perspectives that make up the complex stories of womanhood.

This call invites women and womxn artists worldwide to freely express their creativity without limitations. Artists of all mediums, including painting, sculpture, mixed media, and more, are encouraged to participate. The aim is to foster a diverse collection of artworks that authentically showcase each artist’s creative voice.

Please adhere to the following guidelines when submitting your work:

  1. Ensure that your Headshot/artworks are submitted with high-resolution images.
  2. Include a front shot of the artwork image in your submission.
  3. If your work involves an installation or sculpture, please include a photo of the piece in its installed state.
  4. Submit your artist bio and statement in less than 150 words.
  5. Submit an artwork statement in less than 50 words.

The top 3 winners will receive the following prizes:

  • Inclusion in the Women in Arts Network, sponsored by the Arts to Hearts Project, valued at $196.

At Arts To Hearts Project, we are passionate about amplifying the voices of emerging and contemporary women artists from all over the world. We are a self-funded publication and community that relies on submission fees to cover costs and keep our mission alive. Our goal is to provide a platform to celebrate the creativity and talent of these incredible women and share their stories with the world.


We aim to redefine the narrative of the ’emerging artist’. In the grand scheme of art history, the spotlight has often focused on established names. We strive to shift this focus, illuminating the path for those yet to be discovered. By showcasing diverse creative expressions, we hope to challenge norms, inspire change, and contribute to the evolving landscape of the global art scene.

Our selection process is rooted in our belief that every artist has a unique voice worth hearing. We (Arts to Hearts Project and our Jury) review each submission meticulously, focusing not on accolades or established reputation, but on the potential for growth and the freshness of perspective. Our decision is influenced by a blend of factors—originality, creativity, and promise being paramount.

Yes, the Arts to Hearts Project encourages applications from female artists across the globe. Your geographical location does not affect your eligibility to apply.

Yes, recent graduates from degree-granting programs are eligible to apply as long as they meet the other eligibility criteria.

Absolutely. Formal training or a degree is not a requirement for eligibility. The Arts to Hearts Project welcomes artists with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

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