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101 Art Book Contest

Introducing the 101 Art Book Contest by the Arts to Hearts Project

We’re excited to announce our upcoming event, the “101 Art Book Contest,” organized by the Arts to Hearts Project. As an independent platform for artists, we’re dedicated to supporting and uplifting women artists worldwide. Through this contest, we aim to give more spotlight to women artists, supporting their artwork and providing a platform for them to reach a wider audience and art enthusiasts.

Our primary objective with this 101 Art Book project is another creative approach to create more visibility for them and a way to get to the collectors and to provide more recognition, fame, and exposure to talented women artists across the globe. We believe in our mission of supporting women artists and this is one of our new ways to support our women and give back to the community. Through this contest, we aim to provide artists with a unique platform to showcase their talents and creativity. It aims to bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts, allowing for a more intimate and engaging experience.

The scale of this project is truly massive. We will create 101 distinctive art books, each showcasing 101 different female artists. That’s a total of 10,200 women artists from around the world getting the chance to share their creativity with a global audience!

We are incredibly excited to launch this as a recurring contest, allowing us to continuously celebrate and promote new talents in terms of themes, styles, cities, and location – a book dedicated to discovering ideas and giving 101 artists a new platform to get published.

Arts to Hearts Projects has committed to giving back to society in the form of cash prizes and sponsorships With an investment of 100,000 + with 50,000 in cash rewards and the rest in sponsorships and gifts, we are committed to making this a resounding success that will resonate within the art community and beyond.

But that’s not all. In addition to gaining international exposure, there’s also a grand cash prize for the top three winners. This prize is our way of acknowledging and rewarding the hard work, dedication, and creativity of these exceptional artists.

The 101 Art Book Contest is more than an event; it’s a movement. We aim to empower women artists, provide them with a platform to showcase their talent, and reward them for their passion. So join us in this celebration of art and talent as we begin this exciting journey together.

At Arts to Hearts Project, we believe in the power of art to connect people, inspire change, and create a global community. This competition serves as a medium to amplify the voices of artists worldwide, particularly those who might not have access to traditional platforms or galleries.

Our goal is to support and uplift artists by giving them a chance to gain recognition, increase their exposure, and potentially boost their sales. We hope this competition encourages artists to continue creating, exploring, and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Unlike conventional art contests, The Art Book Contest does not limit artists to a single theme or style. Instead, we celebrate the diversity of art, with different themes for each bi-monthly contests ranging from landscapes, flowers, and portraits, to animals.

The Art-Book

The Artbook format is inspired by the nostalgia of flipping through a storybook, where each page unfolds a new narrative. Similarly, each page of our book will reveal a different artist’s work, telling their unique artistic story. The book is an interactive and tactile way to view art. It will feature the work of 101 selected artists, each page revealing a new piece of art, much like turning the pages of a storybook.

Each artist will have a dedicated page in the book. This page will feature the artist’s work. This format allows readers to engage with each artist personally and appreciate their work on a deeper level.

The book will serve as a global platform for the artists, providing them with increased exposure and potential for sales. Being featured in this publication can lead to greater recognition within the art community and opportunities for collaborations and commissions.

The top three selected artists will have the exciting opportunity to win a cash prize of 100 USD each. This reward not only recognizes their exceptional talent and creativity but also serves as a token of appreciation for their outstanding contributions to the creative community.


At the heart of this contest, we’re hoping to achieve a few special things:

Discovering and Empowering New Talent: We want to shine a light on the incredible talent and skills of artists from every corner of the globe, no matter their background or how much experience they have. We believe everyone has a story to tell and we can’t wait to see yours.

Creative and Innovative way to bring out new mass audiences and collectors: Each bi-monthly competition will have a unique theme, designed to spark your imagination and challenge you to try out new ideas and techniques. We’re excited to see how you interpret these themes and make them your own.

Giving you a Network of Community: More than anything, we’re hoping to create a warm, inviting community of artists and art enthusiasts. A place where you can connect, collaborate, learn, and grow together. We’re all about supporting each other and we can’t wait for you to join our family.

Creating and Marketing Voice About You: The selected artworks won’t be just featured in our Zigzag Book, they’ll also be proudly displayed in our virtual gallery. This is your chance to show your art to the world and reach a wider audience than ever before.

Celebrate and Investing in Art: Above all, we want to celebrate art in all its forms and the incredible power it has to express, evoke, and transform. We’re passionate about art and we know you are too. Let’s celebrate that together.


The theme for our upcoming bi-monthly Zine Book Art Contest is “Floral”. As defined by Merriam-Webster, ‘Floral’ pertains to, relates to, or depicts the beauty of flowers.

Flowers have been an integral part of human expression for centuries, symbolizing a myriad of emotions and concepts. They can represent love, passion, beauty, purity, transience, and even death. The floral theme allows artists to delve into these symbolic meanings or capture the aesthetic beauty of flowers in their artwork.

Artistic interpretation of the floral theme is not limited to realistic depictions of roses, lilies, or daisies. It also extends to abstract interpretations of floral arrangements, providing unlimited creative possibilities.

The floral theme is also not confined to traditional two-dimensional art forms. Artists can create three-dimensional floral sculptures or installations using various materials.

In conclusion, the floral theme is a versatile subject matter that offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, we encourage you to embrace this theme and let your imagination bloom.


If you identify as a woman or women artist and create works in various art forms, such as painting, drawing, mixed media, or sculpture, you are invited to submit your work to this competition. For any media-related inquiries, please feel free to email us at [email protected].

Deadline to submit

29th February 2024 midnight EST

Application Fee:

Art to Hearts Project gladly accepts entries from all eligible participants who meet the criteria. To participate, a one-time, non-refundable fee of US$29* must be paid. This fee helps cover the administrative costs associated with managing, producing, and distributing the book.

Technical or eligibility questions can be sent to [email protected] and will receive prompt responses. We look forward to receiving your entries and exploring your creative vision! 

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